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Reach anyone, Reach anywhere. Push notification services work over this slogan to promote any product/ service/ brand within few seconds. Have you heard about the popup alert messages that suddenly comes into the screen and display the data. Push notifications notify the user when they are operating any device like - smartphone, tablet or even desktop. With the help of push notifications, professionals can send alerts to lots of users by just one click. As well as, there is no need to use respective application of products or anything else. If anyone uses Firefox or Chrome browser, will get a popup which contains information about anything.

Chrome Push Notifications

Firefox Push Notifications

Safari Push Notifications

Mobile Website Push Notifications

Chrome Push Notifications & Firefox Push Notifications

Push Notification services provides alert messages to the user even when they are not actively utilizing their application. It means your application will get a notification just like a new message. If a user has android device and run chrome browser so he/ she will also take benefits of chrome push notifications. Yes! Now chrome and Firefox have features that will surely help you to advertise your products or services on browsers too by just a popup.

Pushalive Push Notification Service

For getting Firefox Push Notification and Chrome Push Notification, individuals have to sign-up Pushalive Notification Service with FREE basic account. There are several kinds of notifications designed to enhance the advertising techniques like desktop notifications.

Benefits of Push Technology

Explore benefits of Push Notifications

Helping you to scale fast

Powerful features to deliver Push notification

3 minute Setup

Enable push notification for your site in 3 simple steps.

Multiple Opt-ins

Customizable opt-ins to assist you grow your subscribers quickly.

Subscriber Insights

Know about your users and award them with advance segmentation.

Segmentation Targeting

Target your users accordingly in groups.

Real Time Metrics

Manage & monitor your notifications in actual time.

Easy Third Party Integration

You can use Push notification on any site.

3 Simple Step to Setup

Feel free to contact us for any assistance at support@pushalive.com

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Browser Support

Chrome : Supported on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Not supported on iOS.

Firefox : Supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Safari : Coming Soon.

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